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Hometown: Brampton, ON


Idillicah started out as a solo project in 2006. After some time, in 2007 I released the Demo EP "Shining Light". The EP, while being quite modest, got some airtime in south america and a lot of feedback. It was then that I decided to make a few changes

First of all, the instrumentation seemed ill suited for the feeling I was going for. So I decided to put a lot of effort into finding a good, solid sound. With some help and a lot of work, the new, more "classical" (as in "we're using a lot of classical instruments) sound was born. It was the beginning of a new era for Idillicah.

When I had the new instrumentation all set to go, and some rough ideas for songs, it became quite clear that a Classically-oriented vocalist would be better suited for the songs I was composing. It was after a lot of time spent looking for a fitting female vocalist that I found Liliana Diaz (former Pergana singer), who alongside Adrian Benegas (also from Pergana), agreed to help out with the project.

In 2008, Idillicah revealed its new face to the world with the first 3 songs from the "Shining Light" EP. A lot of synths and strings, a lot of power, a warm voice and hours and hours of studio time later, the 4-song EP was launched and sold out within a month. We are now working on the new album, an internationally-released LP which will contained some of the old songs re-recorded and re-mastered, and a lot of new songs and new sounds as well. A bit more varied, very brutal sometimes, and yet very calm, the "Rebirth of the Future" LP aims to have at least 1 song for each mood or emotion you might be in at any given moment.

Thanks for dropping by. If you like what you hear (and even if you don't), please drop us a comment. It will take 2 minutes, and it will make all the difference in the world. See you 'round the bend!


from Canuck Metal Vol. 3, released September 24, 2013


tags: metal Montreal


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