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Gales of Avalon began as a one man project. Mark Dillon had set out to write and record a black metal concept album drenched in Celtic folklore, but with an underlying theme of real life difficulties and consciences. After demoing several songs Mark was prompted by friends to play this music live, and so began the process of putting together a band.

Jamie Gallo’s ferocious double kick and seemingly unending energy made him an obvious choice for the job as GOA’s drummer. James Neill has an infectious enthusiasm for metal, as well as an unmatched guttural growl, the bass/backing vocals position was undoubtedly his. Dylan Hansen has one mandate, to shred. He is equally at home on six strings or piano keys. Lead guitar and keyboards were now filled. With Mark handling rhythm guitar and vocals, GOA was now officially a band.

The advent of three more personalities caused GOA's sound to morph. Adding elements of death metal, thrash, and traditional metal has made GOA a much stronger entity than it had ever been before. They soon settled in to regular rehearsals and in February of 2008 they began to record their self titled debut EP containing five songs.
With the EP finished and months of rehearsal under their belts, Gales of Avalon played their first and extremely well received live show in May of 2008, showing that they could pull off what they do in the studio in front of a live audience with more fervor and intensity than any one had expected.

From 2008-2011 Gales of Avalon were playing shows, and recording their debut full length album "Black Island." After the departure of Dylan Hansen, and the addition of Pamela Porosky on keys and David Hickli on guitar, Gales was back on track and ready go.

Black Island was released in December of 2011. The eleven song concept album is about a man struggling with his mortality after being shipwrecked on a mysterious island. Gales played a few shows, and shot a video for the song "Second Sight," to support the new album. In early 2012 Pamela Porosky parted ways with the GOA.

Continuing on as a four piece GOA's sound started to head in a different direction. New songs were written and GOA's sound was continually morphing with every jam. GOA will be releasing their latest EP "When the Ravens Return" in 2013, which will feature 6 new original songs.


from Canuck Metal Vol. 3, released September 24, 2013


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