Blasphemy Reborn - The Rebirth

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Hometown: Melfort, SK


Blasphemy Reborn was formed in May of 2007 by Nick Glister and Jordan Ashdown. Jordan’s older brother Shawn Ashdown, played in another band with his friend Tyson Olson. Tyson knew Nick’s older brother and soon nick was like, you should try doing vocals for us man. Shawn could play bass guitar and started to jam along as well, while Jordan plays drums and Nick on guitar.

All members were born and raised in Melfort Saskatchewan and soon became good friends as well as band mates. Another good friend of theirs came up with the band name one night at work, as Tyson and Nick worked with him in a kitchen at Mr Ribs.

Two years later Blasphemy Reborn released their first full length album Cast Out Of Heaven. The C.D was recorded at Touch Wood Studios in Regina Saskatchewan and released November 2009.
During those two years the band went through a line up change and Tyson Olson picked up a second guitar to whilst still doing vocals to accompany Nick Glister on lead. Shawn Ashdown moved from Bass to Keyboards and Nick Glisters older brother Benji Glister, joined for this C.D playing Bass. He has since left the band and may return its totally up to him the band isn’t in any kind of hurry to replace him as the keyboard no doubt can carry the low end of the live performance for the time being.

The band has played over 75 shows in their short nearing 4 year Carer. The band also has all their New material ready to start recording. Their new C.D is sure to out do their first without a doubt! The title for Blasphemy Reborn second full length album, with over an hour of Melodic Metal is…APOTHEOSIS!!


from Canuck Metal Vol. 3, released September 24, 2013


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